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Book List

Fire Hawk

Short-listed for the Crime Writers Association
Gold Dagger Prize

‘The suspense is sizzling. Geoffrey Archer has again used his ITN experience in a sinuous mix of international threats that are coming to have the same chill factor as the fear that underpinned the best Cold War thrillers.‘ - Daily Telegraph.

In The Lucifer Network, the killing of a gunrunner in Africa sets Packer on the trail of a racist gang plotting mass murder via the Internet. The suspicion that the gunrunner’s attractive daughter holds the key to the mystery finds him torn between temptation and duty.
Mysterious activities on an Adriatic island see Packer parachuted into the sea to join a submarine raiding party. Ashore he finds a biological weapons lab and links to Vienna, where the gang’s former STASI mastermind controls his evil network.

‘Topical, tense and thoroughly researched, this is a fine and sophisticated thriller...‘
Morning Star.

The Burma Legacy tells of an old soldier imprisoned by the Japanese in 1942 who finally identifies the man who tortured him. He wants revenge before he dies, but taking it will wreck a multi-million pound trade contract between Britain and Japan.
Based now in the Far East, Packer is ordered to stop him. The hunt for the warring old soldiers takes him into the ruthless military dictatorship of Burma and to the northern fiefdoms of the drug barons.

‘Archer cleverly exploits the notion of what is and is not forgivable...‘
The Guardian

‘A very professional thriller...‘
Publishing News

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