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‘Geoffrey Archer’s fifth thriller is his best so far. (1997) In a plot constructed with devilish cunning, the real strength lies in the character of Randall - an honest copper out of his depth with low life in high places..‘
The Daily Telegraph.

Java Spider features Special Branch officer Nick Randall, sent to Indonesia to find a British government minister, who’d been kidnapped during a visit to clinch an arms deal. Live pictures of the politician being tortured are broadcast on satellite TV.
Accompanied by lone woman TV reporter Charlie Cavendish, Randall takes to the jungle on a remote Pacific island being torn apart by armed rebellion, in his quest to find the kidnappers before they can turn torture into murder.

Scorpion Trail. Former MI5 freelance Alex Crawford, on the run for twenty years from the IRA, is called out of hiding to track down a ruthless Bosnian war criminal. The man is trying to silence a 12-year-old child, the only living witness to the massacre he committed.

‘Breathless fear and suspense..‘
The Daily Telegraph

Eagle Trap. A crumbling Soviet Union lets a nuclear bomb slip into the hands of Lebanese terrorists. Their target - a British aircraft carrier and the naval base at Gibraltar. Royal Marine Peter Brodrick has a personal reason to stop them. He’s tangled with the terrorists before, in a hostage rescue mission that went badly wrong.

‘In the Alastair Maclean mould, but better written..‘
The Daily Mail

Shadow Hunter. A British submarine commander goes off his head and takes HMS Truculent to the Kola Inlet to attack the Russians. With the Cold War at its height,
Commander Andrew Tinker is ordered to stop him. He leads a nail-biting underwater chase to prevent a nuclear war.

‘Wonderfully authentic. Geoffrey Archer has every reason to consider himself at least first among equals..‘
The Times

Sky Dancer. The Royal Navy’s Polaris missile fleet have new nuclear warheads, designed to penetrate Moscow’s anti-missile defences. Aldermaston scientist Peter Joyce has a fight on his hands to keep the secret of their technical brilliance out of Russian hands.

’A tautly written, topical thriller..‘
Manchester Evening News

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